why macada volcanic mask girl


 It's simple.

Because not all clays are created equal.

​We, at ‘Macadacare’, use very rare smectite-rich volcanic clay as our main ingredient for 'Macada Volcanic' with no unnecessary add-ups creating 'impression' and increasing price tag.

Naturally packed with minerals, antioxidants, and anti-inflammatory agents from underground, 'Macada Volcanic' is second to none when it comes to healing acne and protecting your skin from the reoccurring breakouts and damage.

Clean and simple 'Macada Volcanic' will help your skin detoxify and rejuvenate quickly and naturally with no side effects even if you do not have acne but struggle with other skin problems and disorders.

Genuinely balanced and active, infused with the blend of Sweet Almond,  Sesame, Borage, Chamomile and Lavender natural oils full of vitamins, ‘Macada Volcanic’ will do a lot to bring your confidence back.

Because of its excellent detoxifying properties and extraordinary natural composition ‘Macada Volcanic’ is more than just a beauty clay. It's a healing clay brought to you from the depth of the Earth, made by the Earth.

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